Medical Knowledge.
Marketing Experience.
A Twist of Creativity.

Our Story

Established in 2009, MMS started by helping companies in the medical industry function in the Saudi market through enhanced services, such as executing their regulatory work, handling their legal presence, and carrying out their marketing efforts.

Years of development led to a more comprehensive portfolio, where we now help medical companies find their local voice, communicate with the market, connect with their stakeholders, develop marketing strategies, and execute them with a twist of creativity.



Being privileged enough to have the chance to work with a variety of clients; local and international ones, coming from different mindsets, visions, values, and needs. This exposed us to an extensive experience, where we developed our approach and enhanced our deliverables to match the true needs of brands.

Having the medical knowledge, the local market insights, the marketing strategic planning capabilities, and a strong operational arm allows us to offer top notch services, with exceptional ROI’s and competitive prices.

Our portfolio is designed to meet the different marketing needs of medical companies, through:

Strategic Planning

That analyzes the market potentials and needs and define the brand mission, vision, and establishes its personality and voice.

Comprehensive Marketing Services

That cover the entire marketing mix and are delivered through all possible channels.

Tailored Marketing Programs

To best fit the needs of our clients, whether it be to reach HCP’s or to communicate a sensitive message to a very specific and narrow target audience.

The whole set of services are carried out with our experienced medical-background staff, and designed and developed with a creative touch.