Reach. Connect. Activate

If you are running a business in the pharmaceutical industry, then you know how hard it is to reach your audience, to inform them about your services, your break through inventions, and the latest discoveries that will save thousands of lives.

It is hard because the industry is heavily regulated, to protect the public, the professionals, and you and your business. And here comes our main focus: to help organizations communicate with their audiences through effective marketing campaigns while abiding the laws and regulations.

We strategize the campaigns, design them, plan them according to your needs and values, and deliver them across multiple channels and touch points.

Marketing Services

Direct Marketing icon
Direct Marketing

Delivering specific communication messages to specific targets by crafting proper messages, delivering them across different channels, managing feedbacks, and monitoring performance.

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Digital Marketing

Creating and maintaining the virtual presence of the brand, to inform, educate, and promote the brand and its values, by engaging the consumers and establishing real time conversations, which would serve as a catalyst for boosting the brand image and ultimately the sales force.

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Events Management

Boosting the brand image and widen its perception by representing the brand as the industry subject matter expert through designing, planning, and executing relevant and exceptional events experiences of all types and sizes.

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Brand Activation

Presenting the brand values by engaging the audiences with original ideas to create memorable experiences and deliver the essence of the brand while complying with the laws and regulations of the medical industry.

Creative Conceptualization icon
Creative Conceptualization

Crafting and conceptualizing original ideas to best communicate the brand through Brand Identities, Campaigns, Digital Design, Motion Graphics, Editorial Design, Events and Exhibitions, and Special Marketing Experiences.

On Demand Manpower Supply icon
On Demand Manpower Supply

Handling and managing the different marketing needs in recruiting the proper brand representatives, managing the facilities, monitoring the work and ensuring the quality in reaching the audiences, informing and educating them, and creating the special bond with the brand.

Special Marketing Services

Patient Support icon
Patients Support Programs

Face to face team along with tailored call center services matching each patient category and each disease area to give the needed support to patients through out their treatment journey.

Care Lines icon
Care Lines

Contact center services that provide help and support for patients, or consumers in any aspect related to the disease, brand, or the product.

Patients Adherence icon
Patients Adherence Programs

Educational, encouraging programs carried by contact center agents and/or face to face team members and directed to the patients about the product and how to use it, along with periodical reminders of the dosages.

Tele-Medical Representatives icon
Tele-Medical Representatives

Promotional programs carried out by qualified, dedicated contact center agents, directed to the HCP’s.

Loyalty Programs icon
Loyalty Programs

Special programs designed to boost the brand loyalty and directed to both the partners and/or the consumers.

After Sales Programs icon
After Sales Programs

After sales services for specific products that require extended or continuous training, support.

Consumer Educational Programs icon
Consumer Educational Programs

On ground activities directed to educate the consumer on the disease and the product.

HCP's Educational Programs icon
HCP's Educational Programs

On ground educational programs carried out by the brand representatives and directed to HCP's.

DTP Promotional Programs Programs icon
DTP Promotional Programs

On Ground promotional activities directed to physicians and carried out by the brand representatives.